Friday, 13 September 2013

A License To Steal - Famous Burglar Reveals His Secrets

Have you heard the name Walter Shaw? Or perhaps you have heard of his book 'A License To Steal'? If not, then here is an interesting story about him. He belonged to the famous gang of house burglars known as 'dinner set gang'. This gang had troubled the people and police for almost 10 long years. Walter Shaw belonged to this gang. He was in the business of burglarizing houses from many years during which time he broke into more than 2000 homes.

The amazing thing is that this guy never got caught. Finally, it was his friend who gave the police the lead about him which resulted in his capture. The sad end of the tale is that he got a sentence of 11 years. After his release, he authored a book which I mentioned above where he shared some of his secrets and stories.

His book may be of interest to those people who want to keep their homes safe from burglary. After all, when a long-time thief reveals his secrets and tells you how he broke in many of the houses and managed to escape without any problem, it would give the readers idea about the vulnerabilities in their houses and how they can make them more secure.

One of the things he mentions in his book was that he usually got information about the house members and their vacation plans in advance before he broke into their homes. So, it was a planned and calculated move. He would get such information from barbers, service technicians, neighbors and other people with whom the homeowners would meet and interact. So, he would just try to get as much information as possible which would help him in making plans about when to implement the burglary.

Another curious thing is that many burglars these days are operating during day times. Gone are the days when burglaries used to happen only at night times when the darkness offered them protection. The reason for the increase in daytime thefts is that in many homes, the home owners go out to work which means the houses are empty. With all working members, there is no one left at home during the day. So, burglars are beginning to feel more confident and safe during daytime than at nighttime when people would be at home. So, now your house is not safe even at daytime!

However, don't be alarmed as there are many things you can do to make your house safer. One of the first things is to have a strong door at your home. Visit our site for information on folding patio doors for home. Another thing to do is install proper home security systems in place. You should also maintain good ties with neighbors so that you can come to each other's rescue in times of need. All these little things can help. Don't underestimate their importance.

We might cover more security tips in a later article. So, goodbye till next time.

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