Saturday, 16 March 2013

Rasierer Testbericht

Since the invention of the first modern shaving blades, men understood the importance of
a clean, hygienic look. This regular cleaning is not only good for the skin but makes a man
appear more pleasing and confident. Many men shave regularly everyday and all of them
are of the opinion that there is nothing more comfortable than a good shave, especially
when used wet. Let’s know what the reason behind this thinking is.

Firstly many people think that a good preparation before getting a shave is essential for
getting that great clean look. The smooth feel a person gets after a wet shave is just very
pleasing, imagine how pleasing the person himself must be looking! The delicacy is equal
even if an electric razor is used; however the added effectiveness of shaving foam and after
shave lotion is utterly delicious.

Secondly, one razor blade can be used for current purposes, experts say that it is good to
use for one shave as it may carry many unwanted germs from the prior use. A wet shave
only works when there is an access to running water. Alternatively, an electric razor can be
used repeatedly; however the experts say that it is good if you keep the limitation of use
within yourself. While on move an electric shaver can be the best companion for a guy,
apart from his spouse or girlfriend.

Many experts also say that a good shave is almost like a wellness program. For getting
the best wet shave you need to invest good time to get the best results. Soaking the
beard before applying the foam is essential as it softens the skin. This also reduces the
skin irritation. Application of a good moisturising cream after the shave is the key for a
glowing skin. The wet shave is hygienic as it can be. The regular change of shaving blades
is important for preventing bacteria from withering the skin. The foils in an electric shaver
does the same job, however it needs regular monitoring and cleaning before use. It should
be changed on average after every two years.

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