Thursday, 4 April 2013

Accent Wall Paper

A fantastically coloured wall in your apartment will surely make other’s feel that it is a sophisticated one. Many people like to have bold colours on their walls apart from the very usual pastel colours. However, getting the walls coloured bold surely does shows the identity of the person. Now let’s concentrate on the Accent walls. What is accent wall wallpaper For many it is the cheapest and easiest way of transforming their room or house.

Basically, an accent wall has bold colours on one side and rest of the sides having neutral colours. The bold colour is perfectly matched with the rest of the accessories of the room to make it even more beautiful. It is the first mode of impression you get when you enter a person’s room, as it is the first thing you’ll see. But don’t just other’s with their accent wall. People also use much darker shade than the traditional ones, even there’s a change in the materials used. Anything which suits well on wall can be used to create an accent wall such as fancy wallpapers, marbles, bricks, paints etc.

Accent walls are very helpful in creating separate areas within the same room. It can be used for creating separate areas for the study, for exercising, home entertainment and so on. A well mixture of colour along with different bright and dark shades works wonder when you need to divide a larger house space for different purposes, in this you won’t need any room separators or anything like that. Some of the most favourable spots to make an accent wall are the study, the fireplace, along the bed, ceilings, and entertainment spots.

There are all sorts of ways of creating a distinctive accent wall. Bold coloured paints are commonly used in modern wallpaper, but apart from that one can use brushes of different textures which will add an unbelievable finish to the wall. The accent wall should always be large, as you intend to use it for many a good purpose. And it also depicts the nature of the room. Like for sake, a bold blue or blue textured wall suits well in the sleeping area similarly, a maroon coloured wall looks good in the entertainment area, where lots of activities takes place. You can also add attractive embellishments to it as well. Like pieces of coloured glasses, bricks, metallic lustre etc. This will give a distinctive ambience to your home.

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