Thursday, 4 April 2013

Introduction To Camper Trailers

Camper Trailers are small and compact trailers which are used for the accommodation purposes while travelling. It can be towed to a truck, bus or any automobile, and can be comfortably used for staying overnight. The campers are made of good quality of steel and wood and sometimes canvas too, for better adjustments. Canvas helps in folding and unfolding of the camper when needed. The camper trailers are mostly used by the campers, trekker and other adventure trailers.

Some camper trailers have extension which can attach firmly with the canvas and given a tent like shape. The camper trailers are an ideal companion when going for a weekend trip or camping in woods. You can take them as far as the roads are connected to the camp site. Most of the camping trailers have enough space for 2-3 people and if the extending canvas is deployed the number can be extended to 5-6 people. Normally the base of the trailer is made of wood and is flat, so you can easily lay down your sleeping bags and enjoy the quiet time in woods. Unlike traditional tents where you have to find levelled land spots, to sleep, these trailers fit in very well to almost all conditions, you can even sleep right in between the greenery if you wish. The frame attached to the camper trailer makes it easier for the people to get in and out of it. Plus, who won’t like if there’s an extra room for everything.

Also, since the base of the trailer if off the ground, usually 1-2 meters above, there’s no fear of wild animals encroaching towards your tent and specially youngsters who worry that a reptile or rodent might sneak in, need not to worry. It is true that camper trailers are more sophisticated and easy to use than the traditional camps and tents; it is at least good for people who just want spend some quality time with their loved ones. The trailers these days come well equipped with refrigerators, panel TVs, radio and other electrical devices to make your holiday simpler. But many traditional campers deny this and consider people who use camper trailers as bogus.

For the families who want to go camping and have a good time but also at the same time do not wish to have something big like a caravan; for them camper trailers are the best thing. The off road trailers are lightweight and takes little efforts to carry it along. It can be towed easily even if you drive a sedan. Moreover, it is actually the comfort and simplicity, especially for the new campers, which make it a good companion on camping nights.

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