Friday, 19 April 2013

Laser Eye Surgery in UK

For many people around the globe, getting a laser eye surgery is the best way to find good eyesight. They no longer need to walk with the burden of carrying glasses or lenses. The laser eye surgery reshapes the cornea, clearing the front part of the eye, giving a clear view to the eyes. The focusing power is greatly altered through the surgery.

There are different types of laser eye surgery. Lasik surgery is the most common type of surgery which has been performed on many people around the world. People who’ve been through Lasik surgery end up with a 20/20 vision. But alike all medical procedures it also has certain complications and benefits. Only your regular doctor can tell you whether you’re fit for Lasik or any other laser eye surgery.

The Laser Eye Surgery Cost can range from $1000 to somewhere at $2000 per eye, depending on the complications involved. Any one who thinks need a laser eye surgery first needs to go to an optometrist or a qualified surgeon who can advise the best course for treatment. The laser surgery is tailored according to the patients needs. Many centers offering the surgery do it for free or take some amount as deposit as the cost of items involved. However, you have to pay at least $100-$200 for the consultation.

There are many factors which can affect the laser eye surgery costs. This includes the prescription, the type of procedure to be followed and the clout of the surgeon. The experience of the surgeon is an important thing, as your future depends on his work. The more the experienced surgeon, the better the procedure is and the lower is the risks involved after operation.

The type of procedure also alters the costs a lot; if the authorities are adding extras like intralease technology or a wavefront technology, then the cost of the procedure can go high. You have to see whether they are important or not. Most often small procedures require smaller amounts. When you are comparing quotes between different eye clinics and hospitals, check the overall costs and what all are included in the procedure. Are they giving life-time guarantees or not, or are they providing after-surgery care facility etc.

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