Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Importance of Air Ventilation In Industries

Good air ventilation is very important for any factory or office. It is helpful for health and for the well being of the staff. With proper air ventilation, you can minimize or dilute the stale air present and help in bringing fresh air to the workplace. This is very important in a setting where a lot of people work closely in an enclosed space. You need to have some form of fresh air supply.

Ventilation refers to exchange of air in order to provide higher quality interior air. With proper ventilation the air quality is improved due to balancing of temperature, reduction in dust, moisture and smoke as well as reduction in carbon dioxide and bacteria from the air. As more fresh air comes in a building or an enclosed area, the air quality improves. This is an excellent way to remove air pollutants. There are many companies manufacturing and selling air ventilators in India. These air ventilators are an absolute necessity if you want to maintain healthy working atmosphere.

Air ventilators are installed on roof in order to extract hot air, dust particles as well as fumes. You don't require much power to run these air ventilators. You need air ventilators if you want to remove the excessive water vapor and moisture from stale air. This water vapor comes from the breathing of people as well as from combustion or due to cooking.

These days, governments are becoming very strict with regards to ventilation, specially in industrial plants because of various health hazards posed due to stale air and due to smoke or gases or heat.

Turbo air ventilators are devices which manage the flow of air. Fresh air is drawn into the turbine blades which spin around. Turbo ventilators use wind energy and thus save a lot of power for the user since wind energy is a renewable source of energy. Many of the turbo ventilator fans have a long life of more than 10 years with little to no maintenance required.

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