Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Legitimate Work at Home Opportunities

Recession has affected many people. Millions have lost their jobs and a regular source of income. Even though they are educated and skilled, they are without jobs and employment. However, the good news is that there are many other ways to make money. You might feel you don't have enough cash to start your own business. But there are work at home opportunities which don't require much initial capital to start your work.

Many people from all parts of the world work online from home and are making decent cash to maintain their families without needing to look for a job. However, you need to beware. There are real opportunities as well as scams. So, let us differentiate between the two and provide you a list of genuine opportunities.

The first one you can consider is becoming a virtual assistant (VA). The job of VA's is to provide technical, administrative, professional assistance to people from their home office. A lot of people are hiring virtual assistants these days because it reduces their overhead expenses. They don't need to bother with employee related taxes or other benefits. The employers need to pay only a fixed monthly salary or pay on hourly basis.

Becoming a VA is one of the legitimate work at home jobs you can undertake to make decent cash each and every month. You can easily find many opportunities to be hired as VA by going to online job sites or forums. You can also used Linkedin and Facebook to market your services as a VA. You need to highlight your skills, what areas do you specialize in and your previous experience.

Another excellent opportunity is to work as a translator if you have good language skills. There is a huge demand these days for translators from different languages like French, German, Arabic, Latin into English and vice versa. Translators are usually paid on per word basis. So, the earnings can be huge if you land large projects.

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