Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Iphone 6 Release Rumors And Real Facts

The whole mobile phone industry has been going wild about speculations related to the release of iPhone 6. There are variety of news and reports emerging at various places on the internet from forums to technology blogs to other websites. Many of the news are unconfirmed and even rumors while some news do seem to have some weight.

People have been speculating about the next iPhone 6 specs and features. Discussions have been raging on forums for months. The last iPhone was released more than 9 months back. In the background of such wild anticipation, it is hard to distinguish between correct information and iPhone 6 release rumors.

The first among these anticipations is the color of the new iPhone to be released. In the past, Apple has launched iPhones in white, black and silver colors. Apple has shown an inclination to always experiment with newer and bolder colors. If at all some pictures circulating on the internet are real, then we might be seeing iPhone 6 come with a brand new color - golden color. That would surely be an awesome sight to watch the beautiful and sleek iPhone in gold color.

There are reasons to believe that the next version of iPhone will have eye-tracking technology. Apple company has got several patents related to motion control and eye tracking. So, it wouldn't be surprising to see some of these features implemented in its next product launch. It would be exciting to see what kind of response this technology gets from people.

There are also rumors of the release of iPhone mini. This rumor has been going on from a long time that Apple is planning to launch a plastic based iPhone which will cost much less than its original product. Only time will tell how many of these speculations turn out to be true and how many are just rumors.

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