Monday, 15 July 2013

Luton Airport Parking

Luton is a large town in England which is around 30 miles north of London. The Luton airport is one of England's major and popular airports. It was opened in the year 1938 and during World War II, it served as RAF base also.

The town of Luton has as small population and it has been famous mainly for its hat making. It is also famous for car production as it was home to a big factory of Vauxhali Motors. This plant started in the year 1905. The cities and places which are near to Luton are - Caddington, Kensworth and Dunstable.

The London Luton airport was earlier called Luton International Airport. One of the specialities is the parking at Luton airport. It is quite well organized so that people are not inconvenienced. The Luton airport is considered the fifth busiest airport in England. In the year 2008, nearly 10 million passengers passed through the airport. However, these figures were slightly less in 2012 at around 9.4 million passengers. Most of the routes from this airport are to places within Europe. However, there are some charter flights which fly towards and from Asia and North Africa.

There are a number of Luton parking facilities available for people. If you are looking for longer period of parking then you can go for Luton Long Term Car Park and you can save a good deal of money on this. For shorter periods, you can consider Luton Mid Term car park or even Luton Short Term car parks.

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