Friday, 8 February 2013

Grow Taller

Most people wonder what they can do to increase their height. It is a common belief held by many that height growth stops completely after a certain period of time. Though, it is true that the most amount of height growth happens during puberty and teenage period, height growth later on cannot be discounted as thousands of people worldwide have gained inches even when they had entered late adulthood.

During teenage period large amounts of human growth hormone are produced. Therefore there is a huge increase in height during these years. But certain exercises and right posture can lead to growth even in later years. If you want to grow taller, you should try to develop neutral spine. Many people mistakenly believe that sitting up straight will straighten up the spine and lead to good posture. This is a wrong notion. In fact, the spine is not straight at all. Normal spine shape actually has curvatures.

The 3 curvatures in the spinal column are: in the upper cervical region, in the mid thoracic region and in the lower lumbar region. Any deviation from these normal curvatures is not good for the spine. So, sitting up straight is not at all a good habit. If you really want to improve your spine shape and develop neutral spine, then you have to perform some posture exercises regularly rather than just trying to straighten your back and sit up straight.

You can increase height not only with acquiring the right posture, but also doing various stretching and other exercises on regular basis. Developing a good posture takes a long time. So, the best ways to increase height quickly are to do different kinds of stretching exercises which are proven to increase height.

One of the popular and fun exercises to increase height is jumping rope. You can also call it skipping. It can be quite effective in height increase. Sprinting, swimming or cycling are also known to be good for increasing one's height.

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