Friday, 8 February 2013

Powerful Stamina Tips for Men

Husband and wife should feel close to each other on many levels in order for the marriage to be successful and happy. Intimacy is a very important part of any marriage. Have you heard stories of couples falling apart? Each going his/her own separate ways? The reason couples get distant from each other is that the intimacy in the relationship is lost. Both the spouses are living their own separate lives while they are staying together under one roof.

You can avoid this situation if you try to remain close to your spouse. If you make the effort, it can help in saving your marriage from heading towards trouble. Not only can increasing intimacy help in saving your marriage, but it can also enrich the relationship between the couples. The problem with most people is that, after some time, they take their married relationship for granted. They are not as attentive to their spouses as they used to be. They don't make the effort to get close and stay close.

Always keep in mind that intimacy requires some kind of effort. And the effort has to be consistent. What kind of efforts can lead to increase in intimacy between husband and wife?

First of all, talking to your spouse is a very important part of being close to him or her. For example, you can ask your spouse how was their day, what did they do, about their friends etc. You can even have conversation about current affairs. As long as you discuss things in a respectful and loving way and spend time with each other, you will feel it can work wonders for your relationship. It can also lead to more enhanced and better sexual relationship between the couple.

Also try to spend time together doing activities that you both enjoy. You can go to the park, go to a museum or do anything as long as you both are involved in it and both of you enjoy that activity. You can designate one day a week or one day a month for this, depending upon your schedule.

Try to develop the habit of flirting with your spouse. Just because you are married does not mean that you should stop flirting with your spouse. You can send each other sexy text messages, leave notes for each other around the house where your spouse would least expect it - like under the lunch plate etc. Doing such things can rekindle romance and keep you close to each other.

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