Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Technique Manipulation


Some people use covert persuasion tactics and techniques to get what they want, and that is fine as long as they are used ethically. But some individuals use psychological manipulation techniques that aren't so morally sound.
Unfortunately, a vast majority of the population doesn't even realize that they're being manipulated until it's too late.
Don't be lured into this trap. By learning about these psychological manipulation techniques, you can protect yourself from being forced into doing things or saying things that you don't really want.
Below are some of the sneaky tactics and dirty tricks you have to be careful with.
1. It's Either Me or Him/Her.
Some people like to make their friends choose between them and another person. Now you are more pressured to choose the manipulator, for fear of losing their friendship.
But a true friend would never do such a thing. This is a manipulative method that even little kids use in the playground. To avoid making a decision (and one you would probably regret either way), walk away. Let that person know that you're not going to take sides.
If they throw a huff, that is no longer your problem. What matters is that you stayed neutral. Frankly, you'll be a lot safer that way anyway.
Here are some tips on Technique Manipulation

2. I'll do you This Favour, But Don't Forget You Owe Me.
It's really difficult to ask someone for a favour, especially when you know they're going to exploit you right back for it. It's normal to ask a favour from a friend. But there are people who will do you one favour, and then will milk you for every little thing afterwards.
When you put your foot down, they will go on a tirade about how you have no sense of gratitude and whatnot. To avoid this kind of manipulation, be careful with who you ask favors from. Remember that there is a price for everything.
3. If You're Sick, I'm Dying.
We all know how this goes. Emotional manipulators will always make themselves look more of a victim than you are.
They crave for attention, which is why they're not always happy when you get the limelight, even if it's just for a headache. There's really no getting around to a person like this.
Perhaps with the right timing, a huge and frank outburst might get through to their head. However, it's easier to just let that person be and avoid commenting anymore.
The truth is, psychological manipulation techniques are often used by cowards. They can't do direct combat; so they will usually resort to sneaky ways to get you to do what they want. Now that you know what some of these dirty tricks are, hopefully, you'll be able to avoid getting sucked into them.
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