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Tendonitis is a common sporting injury. However, only a small percentage of tendonitis cases occur due to exercising or sports. The vast majority of the cases occur during work. It can occur in various locations of the body. Most common are elbow, knee, wrist, shoulder or other joints.

What are tendons? They are thick cords which connect the muscle and the bones. Tendonitis usually occurs when there is a sudden stretch which pulls the tendons too hard. Repetitive motions can also lead to tendonitis condition. When tendonitis occurs due to repititive movements, it happens slowly and develops over a long period of time.

Computer users usually develop tendonitis of the hand or wrist. If the condition is not treated in the initial stages, it can worsen and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. People who work for long hours on computer should familiarize themselves with the symptoms of carpal tunnel and tendonitis. They should also perform simple wrist and hand exercises daily for few minutes to prevent this problem from occurring. is a solution to the patients who are suffering from Tendonitis.

The symptoms of tendonitis can vary from pains and joint stiffness to burning sensation in the whole joint. Swelling may also occur along with redness and heat. If the symptoms continue for many months, then it is probably tendonitis.

How Is Tendonitis Treated?

It is usually treated with ice packs and anti inflammation medication during the initial stages. Prevention is better than cure. So, the best ways to prevent tendonitis is to see orthopedic doctor as soon as possible if you suspect the condition. Physical therapy is also a good option. is a helpful resource for individuals suffering from various painful injuries like tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, tendonitis etc.

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