Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Online War Game

Some of the games that are highly loved are war games, puzzle games bike racing games etc. The most occurring search term free online war games

Darkagewar games are most favorable and highly played online game. the medieval strategy game set in Medieval Europe. Build your kingdom, send troops into battle, and conquer Medieval Europe!

It’s not like other games. It’s tough though but can be played if you are fully aware of the rules.

There are various Online Game Play websites that offer War Games for free. One such example to play online war game is Darkagewars.

Darkagewars offers an excellent atmosphere to play online war games. It has a complete support forum that helps to know completely about the rules and regulations to play the game.

Here are a few hints to play a war game

The first thing you will see is the inside of your territory; this is the main game area and is also the main map. To access the main map, click the circular arrow in the bottom right icon box.

A Small Grey Map Icon will appear, click this, and you will now be looking at the outside of your territory on the main map.

In the bottom left corner of the game screen is a small map, this is the WORLD MAP. You can click on this one to explore the rest of the game map and locate friends and enemies. On this map, your Capitol territory, and any others you control will show as GREEN DOTS. If you are a member of an Alliance, you can right click this map, and your Alliance members territories will appear as ORANGE DOTS.

To the right of the World Map is an information screen, this gives you information on each building, army troop and territory as you click on them. To the right of this is the MENU BOARD, here is where you select buildings to build or upgrade, and recruit army troops.

Above the Menu Board is the CHAT WINDOW. I think we all know how this works.

Above the chat window is a BAR GRAPH. This tells you how well developed yours and your enemies’ territory is. It can be helpful in determining whether or not you are prepared to attack a territory.

Above this graph is a small window that lists the current location you are at. If you control more than one territory, you can use the fancy arrows on the left or right of the window to navigate around your territories easily. Clicking the right arrow takes you to the next nearest territory to the EAST of you, the left arrow takes you to the next nearest to the West.

Above this are 4 icons. The first one a CROWN is your Alliance, here you can create and see the other members of your Alliance as long as you are a member of one.

The second icon is your EMAIL for in game messages. This will be highlighted when you have new mail.

The third icon is your BATTLE REPORTS. Here you can check the progress of any battle you are currently fighting, and also past battles to see how you fared against your enemies.

The last icon is your PERSONAL SETTINGS/STATISTICS. Clicking this will pop up a window that will allow you to change your email, password and also your Capitol Territory should you decide to do so. You can also check your STATISTICS here and see just how well you are doing.

Above these are 4 Icons of ADVISERS. These can be purchased for Gold and will allow you to progress faster through the game, and also increase resource rate growth and Morale and such. To get Gold, you have to purchase this with Real Money. This can be done by clicking the "Get Coins" icon just above the main map.

Dark age war game is other known as Medieval war game

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