Tuesday, 12 February 2013

How to Convince People Easily

Persuasiveness is a good skill to possess. It can be useful in many situations whether in your personal life or work life. When you familiarize yourself with how persuasion works, you can not only use it to your advantage but also understand if someone is being manipulative with you. For example, many sales executives might try to lure you into buying their products. If you understand persuasion a bit, you can easily handle that stuff. You can learn more about this stuff at - techniques manipulation

One of the important aspects or tricks of persuasion is to use framing. You can relate a simple incident using words which conjure up attractive mental imagery. This is one of the powerful tools used by media and advertisement companies to convince people to buy their products.

Framing is also used many times by skillful politicians. For example, if a politician wants to convince people regarding passing of certain bill, then he might present the favorable points of that in such a way as to make them seem highly beneficial to people. This can have a very strong effect on the minds of the crowd and hence he can gather support for his cause.

Another very strong persuasion tool is reciprocation. When someone does a favor for you, how do you feel about that person? Don't you feel the need to reciprocate? It is natural trait in almost all humans. So, if you want to convince people in something, why not do something good for them first. They are much more likely to be agreeable to what you are saying or doing.

There are many other techniques people use to persuade others. Some of them include - creating a feeling of scarcity, creating fear in people, inciting them, creating desire for something in people, make them associate pain with something or pleasure with something else. all these have been used by humans in various fields from centuries. These techniques are used not just in sales and advertisements but also in politics, personal matters and even used by kids to convince adults into listening to them. However, kids don't use these techniques knowingly. They are simply naturally good at it. Visit our website to know more about technique de manipulation.

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